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Stress in the modern workplace

You're not alone, that's the first point to get across. The fact that you've clicked on this blog post shows that you are one of the millions of people in this country who feel stressed or anxious at work.

The expectations of the modern day workplace have become more than many of us can cope with. Move faster, improve quality, lower costs, make more sales! We're terrified that we'll fail if we don't push ourselves beyond our comfortable limits. We'll be out of a job, our career will be in ruins and we'll lose everything that we hold dear.

Even if we're doing a great job and giving it our all, the expectations and targets expected of you often become even higher..

"Whats even worse is when companies keep increasing quotas for those who achieve or over achieve, without adding more support or increasing their offering. You are asking your successful sales reps to do even more for the same money., madness. That is how you lose your best sales reps"

Dan O'Shaughnessy, Business Development Director, Evessio

It's also how you increase the pressure on somebody else for your own gain.

The quote above from Dan O'Shaughnessy is talking about Sales Reps at Software companies. I've worked with software companies for many years, and I have seen first hand the pressure that they are under. I've seen a lot of them thrive, but I've seen just as many crack under the stress and expectations of the role.

Self Confidence and Self Belief

A large part of being a good salesman is your self confidence and self belief. I've rarely seen a timid and shy person achieve great things in a sales environment.

Your confidence in yourself to do your job can have a major impact on your work life. If you don't feel that you're capable of doing what is expected of you, then this will greatly increase the pressure and stress that you feel you are under.

For most of us, this is all internal. By this I mean that it is a thought or a belief inside your own head that has not come from an external source.

You may have made a few mistakes in the past that you are not able to let go of, but others have forgotten about or don't think are such a big deal. Ruminating or obsessing about a mistake will make things a lot worse, and once the thought or belief is there that you are 'incapable', it is difficult to let go of.

Confidence and self belief are important in any job. You need to feel that you are worthy and valued to get the best out of yourself, and for many of us that doesn't come easy!

Handling Criticism

How you handle criticism and negative feedback won't always be consistent. You may be able to take criticism as a motivating factor sometimes, but take it personally and stew on it at other times. This will be very dependant on other factors, mainly how you're feeling about yourself at that time. In other words, where your self confidence levels are.

But ask yourself; Why are you there in the first place? Why were you hired? These days, companies are more stringent and careful than ever when it comes to hiring new employees, and HR departments and managers certainly do their homework!

The simple fact is that you are there on merit. You are there because you deserve to be there!

Changing your beliefs

Changing the way that you feel about yourself is a perfectly achievable thing to do. Being able to regain faith in your own abilities, take criticism better, or boost the confidence that you feel is lacking is all down to you.

These are all thought patterns that can be adjusted, rationalised and realigned to how you want to feel.

Recognising that you are stressed at work is the first step to resolving it. Too few of us take the next step, which is to start doing something about it!

Of course, I am going to recommend hypnotherapy to help to deal with these issues, but there are other methods too, such as Life Coaching, Therapy and Counselling, or even just talking things through with your boss or HR.

The point is, you shouldn't have to feel unduly stressed at work. You spend far too much of your life there for it to be unhappy, and there are ways to start making that change if you want to!


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